Son of a Binge Watch – Issue 17 – November 1, 2019

The fall streaming shows are in full blast. This past week (November 1), Apple launched Apple TV+, and Disney+ is debuting next week (November 11). I have an overflowing list of shows to watch. The other night in a group text, people were talking about watching Jack Ryan and how good it was. I chimed in with, “I will have to add it to list.I am watching too much right now. Currently, I am watching Silicon Valley, Mr. Robot, Mrs. Fletcher, The Morning Show, See, The Gominsky Method, Castle, Peaky Blinders, and Watchmen. Season 10 of Shameless is starting this next week as well”. I have a full-time job watching shows now. I need to take some lessons from Peg Bundy and figure out how she did it back in the late 80s.

In all seriousness, though, new streaming networks are popping up with great content. Comparing all the fantastic streaming content to 308 channels of cable is like saying a $3 bottle of Beringer wine is the cats’ meow. Next year HBO and NBC are coming out with their streaming networks called HBO Max and Peacock. It is an excellent time for the consumer to watch TV. I am also curious if the streaming networks are impacting movie sales. Trying to get a complete unrushed storyline complete in 2 hours doesn’t feel possible to me anymore. I think theaters should have binge-watching marathons where they suck you into an all-day affair. If they offered bottle wine service, I might be interested. I wonder what it costs to open an all-day binge-watching theather?

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Staff Watches

I am going to miss Silicon Valley once this season is over. I understand trying to maintain the quirky storyline is difficult, but I don’t care. I enjoyed watching episode one this past week. The rise of data privacy and AI in our culture are valid concerns, and the show hits on both of these topics in true spirit. 

Mrs. Fletcher on HBO launched this past week, and with only one episode for a new show, it is difficult to predict how the show will progress. Mrs. Fletcher is starting to experience how life will be as an empty nester. The second episode is on my radar to watch and stay tuned for more info for this light-hearted comedy with some quirky adult twists.

Small Review – Castle Rock

I watched 3 of the 4 episodes of Castle Rock this past week. I am forever scarred and will never get the picture of Annie shoving an ice cream scoop down a man’s throat to choke and die out of my mind. The choking, the vivid detail, is so reminiscent of the same Annie, different actor, chopping off an author’s feet and using a blow torch to stop the bleeding. Why do I love this character so much? She is so freakin crazy, and season 2 is a must-watch for me. This season feels so much more like classic Stephen King. I am curious to see where the season leads us and to learn more about crazy Annie Wilkes Booth. 

Apple TV+ – The Morning Show

I am an Apple Fanboy, and I have been waiting for months for Apple TV+ to launch. Seeing the first preview of The Morning Show during Apple’s Developer Conference (WWDC) in June, I have been curious. More previews of the show dropped, launch date announced, and finally, pricing for Apple TV+. All of these juicy tidbits curbed my appetite until November 1 was a reality after a cold night of trick or treating. We now have “The Morning Show,” well three episodes.

Before I dive into my small review of The Morning Show, do you remember the first episode of Game of Thrones? There was speculation of White Walkers, an execution for not following the edicts of The Night Watch, and the hand of the king, Jon Arryn, is dead. So many details swirling around you’re not quite sure what in the heck is going on. Do you remember this feeling? I have the same sense of sorts with “The Morning Show.” 

Let me try to explain. The show starts with something big happening, and if you haven’t seen the previews, I am sure you are totally in the dark about the big issue. I have seen all of the previews, and this something big topic feels meh to me. I know what is happening, and it is not big news to me. The male news anchor, played by Steve Carell, aka “The 40-Year-Old Virgin”, has been accused of sexual misconduct. Jennifer Aniston is the female half of the news anchor team, and she is working through her demons and struggling with how to process how her “TV husband” did this to her. 

I am not going to get into the storyline and spoil anything for you. I read many reviews of the show, and the critics aren’t exactly happy. There was one reoccurring piece in every review: “The show finally takes off in the third episode.” Early on, I was hooked, but the story does pick up and get interesting at the closing of the third episode. I know I am not a paid tv critic, but seriously most new shows need some ramp-up time to create an arch. It took a solid five to six episodes for “Better Call Saul.”

I do have a few complaints.Steve Carell is always the 40-Year-Old Virgin to me. I can’t take him seriously, and I can’t see him as having the ability to harm a fly much less participate in any sexual misconduct. He is an AFC and will always be in my mind. Maybe that is how they want the story to proceed, and I curious where they take Steve’s character.

I am a huge fan of Reese Witherspoon, and she is doing a great job of acting, but I am having a hard time with her character. I can’t accurately pinpoint what I don’t like about her playing Bradley Jackson. There is a part of me that says she shouldn’t play any role where she is portrayed as white trash, but she kicked ass in Wild. Maybe it is a fact her character is an older has been who is undeserving. I do love the fact Reese and Jennifer are kicking ass in a corporate America typesetting to change the rules. 

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Rapid Fire Deets

Lucifer’s 5th and final season will get launched in two 8 episode parts. No date as of yet for the 5th season.

Neegen has flown the coop in The Walking Dead. Will someone kill him already?!?!?!

Stay tuned for more info on Game of Thrones prequel “House of The Dragon.”

Another Life renewed for a second season on Netflix.

– November 3: Season 10 of Shameless**

– November 8: The End of The F***ing World Season 2

– November 8: Green Eggs and Ham

Real Pain, Real Screams, and Real Blood

As Gravity Falls So Falls Gravity Falls